HAIKU: Line drying

Haiku by noe cara. Illustration: Tite-Rope Clothesline Ad, 1957

INTERVIEW: What Guitar Making is About

Talent and generosity of spirit define Pablo Requena, a Spaniard living in Plumpton, East Sussex. For it is with much talent that he crafts, detail after detail, those classic guitars the region of… Continue reading

TIPS: Celebrating Spring

What would happen if you woke up one day and Spring had suddenly arrived? How would you celebrate it? You could… decorate your balcony polish your silverware  buy a new dress ‘ …… Continue reading

JOURNEYS: Palm Springs

  February finds us congregating indoors, cooking and eating soul-warming food, and, whenever possible, hiding under a thick woven spread. Many of us enjoy the exhilarating feeling of walking outdoors. Taking on a… Continue reading

BOOK: A Bohemian Spirit

Looking for something to do on a cold February afternoon? A sonnet by Raoul Ponehon (first published in Le Courrier Français in 1886) might just do. Ready for an enchanting moment? Absinthe, ô ma liqueur… Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Kat’s Clay Stories

Katka Sedlackova lives in Brighton. But she has travelled a long way to make this town her home. She now spends her time surrounded by bags of clay, sand and the unmistakable sounds… Continue reading

OBJECT: Treasure Trove

Serendipity is not a word I often use. Yet it is one of my favourite words in the English language. The reason why, I do not know. It has a poetic sound to… Continue reading



  Mid-winter in Detroit, and it’s bitterly cold. The year, 1974. And travelling salesman has had a bad day. A pretty bad one at that. * * * It hasn’t stopped snowing, and… Continue reading

TIPS: Welcoming winter

  Winter is officially here, and as with every new beginning, there might be chances for starting something new. Running out of ideas? Here, a few tips to get started.   Open your… Continue reading

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